Development Review Bodies

The City of Imlay City encourages citizen participation in local government planning and policy decisions. All residents are invited to apply for appointments to City boards and commissions.

Imlay City Boards and Commissions.

Below is a list of the City of Imlay City Boards and Commissions.

Boards/ Commissions Members

City Council:  7 members

Board of Review:  3 members

Election Commission:  3 members (Clerk & 2 Members of Commission)

Housing Board of Appeals:  5 members

Planning Commission:  7 members

Zoning Board of Appeals:  7 members

Parks and Recreation:  7 members

Downtown Development Authority:  9 members

Board Vacancies

The City has current openings on some boards and commissions. Please consider submitting an application to serve on the:

  • Zoning Board of Appeals
  • Housing Board of Appeals
  • Downtown Development Authority

Download the application on this site and submit it to City Hall.

Call 810.724.2135 for more information!