Police Discussion Update from the Mayor



The city commission and I would like to thank all of the Imlay City residents who have contacted us interested in hearing what this public safety program could look like; interested to know how their safety and service could be enhanced.  I also want to thank the understandably hesitant residents for expressing their concerns.  We are listening, we hear you and we understand.  I have written down all of your questions and we’re very grateful for your assistance.  Please believe we are thoroughly and cautiously gathering information.


The city police officers are a major part of this equation; they will continue to be given respect and, therefore, every step of this discussion includes the well-being of the eight officers and the well-being of the 3,900 residents as well as the operation of their City.


Decisions have not and will not be made without your input at the community forum.   As you know, we said the city commission would not consider entering a discussion that didn’t include our “non-negotiable points.”  Although it is difficult to distribute information until a complete picture has been developed,  I’d like to offer a few quotes from Sheriff McKenna for your review.


Sheriff McKenna has provided the following information to share with you.


I understand the emotion in this situation and my role is strictly to provide information and facts to the questions being asked.


  • The police role and operation in the City will be no different than what you see now except more added coverage. The residents and businesses would see very little change except for the color of the uniforms and cars.  The Lapeer Sheriff’s Office would be your police department and would focus on the needs of your City.


  • The Police Department Office will operate the same hours that it does now and in the exact same building. We would hope to keep the current Office Manager and employ her full time at the County, so you see the same familiar face when you walk into the substation.


  • All patrol cars and Officers/Deputies would report and conduct their day at the same current Imlay City Office. It would be the same staffing operation as it is today, and the Deputies would remain in Imlay City along with all patrol cars for their shift.


  • The narrative that response times would be increased is simply untrue.


  • Imlay City Deputies would remain in the city at all times. The only time they would leave the area is for serious emergencies or to assist other officers. (This is no different then what your department does now -Mutual Aid Agreement signed by all police agencies in the county.)

This evening, it is my intent to schedule a date for our community forum.   Because the discussion is ongoing, please continue to contact us with any new thoughts or concerns.  You will hear from me again very soon on this very important subject.  Again, thank you all for your commitment to the safety and success of Imlay City.



Joi Kempf, Mayor