Engine 321 is a 2000 Marion Custom Body with a Spartan Chassis.  This vehicle has 5 seated positions with four air packs.  It is the first out engine on any structure fire.  It is capable of pumping 1500 gallons per minute of water.  This truck is at the end of its lifecycle in Imlay City and will be replaced in late 2025 with a new vehicle.


Tender/Pumper 331 is a 2010 Toyne. There are two seats on 331. Tender Pumper 331 carries 3000 gallons of water and the portable tank used on fire scenes where there are no fire hydrants.


Tender 333 is a 1997 Freightliner with a 7000 gallon water tank. This truck is primarily used to serve our rural customers by supplying water in areas without fire hydrants.


brush truck 343

Brush Truck 343 is a 2016 Ford F-350 body with a brush fire skid unit containing 150 gallons of water, 150 feet 1" booster line with a portable pump.  This truck is equipped with a wide variety of wildland firefighting tools and equipment. This truck's primary function is to respond to all brush and wildland fires.  It is numbered in memory of those who lost their lives on 9/11 2001.


Rescue 351 is used for rescue runs. It is equipped with the Jaws of Life, airbags, stabilizing equipment, rams, and other tools needed for vehicle extraction, water rescue, and other types of rescue emergencies.
Each star on the back door represents a life saved while using this truck and equipment.


Ladder 361 is a 1997 KME Quint with seating for six, a 75 foot steel ladder with a remote muzzle. This truck has an onboard generator, 1750 gallon per minute pump, ground ladders, hoses and all the equipment necessary for a Quint.


Utility 371 is a 2007 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 heavy-duty diesel pickup truck.  It is equipped with clean-up agents for roadside spill responses and a portable lighting tower.  This vehicle can seat four firefighters and can be used as a squad to transport extra resources, and move equipment on the scene and between the fire hall and the scene.