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Questions & Answers

Does Imlay City accept credit cards?
The City does not accept credit card payments. Payments may be made via cash or check.
Does the City prepare, store and copy birth/death certificates?
Imlay City does not prepare, store or copy birth/death certificates. Residents should contact the Lapeer County Clerk at 810.667.0356 for these services.
Does the City require licensing for my pets?
Imlay City does not require licensing for dogs, however it is illegal by City ordinance to harbor more than 3 dogs of the age of six months or over at any premise without first obtaining a kennel license from the City. Imlay City does require licensing for cats over the age of six months. Applications for a license shall be made to the City Treasurer and shall state the name and address of the applicant and the last known owner of the cat. It shall also include the breed, sex, age, color and unique or distinctive markings of each cat and a certificate by a licensed veterinarian showing that the cat has been vaccinated against rabies and distemper. Application may be made by mail or at City Hall.
How do I contact the Police Department?
Non-emergency contact can be made by calling 810.724.2345. Should you have an emergency or desire immediate assistance please contact Lapeer Central Dispatch by dialing 911.
How does a resident arrange for an absentee ballot?
Residents may apply for an absentee ballot by contacting City Hall. Deadline for applying depends on whether the application needs to mailed or picked up. For best results contact the City Clerk at City Hall as soon as you know you will need an absentee ballot.
I am interested in building or reconstructing something on my property. Who should I contact?
Prior to any new or remodeling construction activities residents are required to contact the Imlay City Zoning Administrator at City Hall. Residents may also be required to contact the Cityís Building Official to obtain the appropriate permits.
What are the current millage/tax rates for the City of Imlay City?
Please contact the City Treasurer at 810.724.2135 regarding current tax rates. Rates are also available under the City Treasurer's link under Administration.
What are the deadlines for paying water bills?
Water bills are due within thirty days of invoice. Please be advised that the failure to receive a water bill does not entitle the consumer to exception from penalty.
What City parks are available?
The City operates five parks. They are Lamb-Steele Park, Lionís Park, Rotary Park, Veterans Park and Old-School Park. Additional information can be found under the Parks and Recreation link on the Cityís homepage.
What hours is City Hall open?
Monday-Friday 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM City Hall is closed on most United States recognized holidays
What is the City's policy on trimming trees located in the right-of-way?
Please contact City Hall regarding trees in the right-of-way. Your call will be directed to the appropriate individual with the Cityís Department of Public Works.
What is the curfew law in the City of Imlay City?
The City currently follows the state of Michigan law concerning this issue. As the law now stands, the following curfews are in effect: Children under 17 years of age must be of the street's from 10:30pm-5am. 
What is the deadline for a citizen to register to vote?
Individuals must register to vote at least 30 days before an election if they plan to vote in that election.
What is the procedure for obtaining a final water bill from City Hall when I move?
Water shall be shut off at the consumer or property owners request for laying up the premises or for other reasons. When so shut off, a service fee of $10.00 shall be charged before water is turned back on. Consumers interested in having their water shut of should contact the utility biller at City Hall.
What number should I call to find the telephone number of a business in the Imlay City area?
Individuals should contact the Imlay City Area Chamber of Commerce at 810.724.1361.
What telephone number do I call if traffic signals are out?
Contact the Imlay City Police Department at 810.724.2345. When are taxes due in the City of Imlay City? Summer taxes are mailed out on July 1 and are payable through July 31. Winter taxes are mailed out on December 1 and are payable through February 14. To all taxes paid after the due date, there shall be a four (4) percent penalty, and to all taxes paid after said date, there shall be added interest at the rate of one-half (1/2) of one (1) percent for each month. Taxes may be paid by mail or at City Hall. Everyone will receive a copy of their tax bill regardless of whether the taxes are paid by a mortgage company.
Where can I pay my traffic ticket?
The Imlay City Police Department will only accept payment for civil infractions written within the Imlay City limits by an Imlay City Police Officer. All other payments should be made to the County of Lapeer.
Where do I pay my water bill?
Water bills are sent out quarterly and may be paid by mail, drop box at City Hall or at the City Office counter in City Hall during normal business hours.
Where is City Hall located?
150 North Main Street Imlay City, Michigan 48444 Where is the drop box for payments located? The 24 hour drop box for payments is located on the front of City Hall to the north of the main entrance doors.
Where is the Imlay City Area Chamber of Commerce located?
The Imlay City Area Chamber of Commerce office is located within Imlay City Hall at 150 North Main Street.
Where may a resident register to vote?
Imlay City residents may register to vote at the City Clerk's office within the Imlay City Hall. You may also register to vote at any Michigan Secretary of State Office, or via the Secretary of State on the web.
Who should I call concerning after hours water problems or sewer back-ups?
Residents should contact the Police Department at 810.724.2345 to report after hours problems. The call will be forwarded to Central Dispatch to contact the on-call person to respond.  Alternatively, residents may call the non-emergency number 810.667.0292.
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