Parks & Recreation

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“The City of Imlay City Parks and Recreation Department is responsible for the promotion, maintenance and advancement of parks and leisure activities within our community. It seeks to not only keep our parks clean, safe, and attractive, but also to provide modern amenities that embrace current recreational interests. Our goal is to grant these amenities not through just our own interests, but through the input of our residents, visitors and business owners, as well. Because of this, we seek the ideas, opinions and inquiries of these individuals at all times.”

Park Policy
  1. Hours are from 6:00 A.M. to 10:30 P.M.
  2. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed, except with a permit obtained prior to your visit
  3. Please avoid littering as there are trash receptacles available for your use at all parks
  4. Please keep all motorized vehicles on paved surfaces
  5. Please keep all dogs on a leash
  6. Please respect all park visitors and know that all parks are public
  7. Do not construct any fires except for use of cooking in contained grills

Lamb Steele Park - Behind City Hall


-Lamb Steele Park is one of most attractive parks, situated just behind the Imlay City municipal offices. The gazebo at the center was constructed of very durable cedar and has been used in the past for special events, including weddings. The park is especially useful for visitors of the city pool, which is just to the east and it is definitely hopping during the annual Blueberry Festival. There are benches, a grill and beautiful trees surrounding the park. The convenience of this park’s nearness to downtown Imlay City makes it a superior recreation area to frequent.


Lion's Park - Blacks Corners Road

  Lion's Park Pavilion

-Gather up your friends and the fam because our 9 acre Lions Park is our most spacious recreation area and has a heap of stuff to do. If you can get 18 people together, feel free to play some baseball on the diamond and see if you can hit one over the homerun fence. There is a completely covered pavilion in the center of the park, with several picnic tables for large group picnics. If you call the city offices enough in advance to reserve this pavilion, we can unlock the restrooms, which have separate men’s and women’s bathrooms. There are also 2 sandy beach volleyball courts, a large soccer field, benches, grills, a slide and more.


Old School Park - Fifth Street @ Bancroft


-Although it is small, Old School Park is perhaps our busiest park, usually bustling with activity from residents young and old. Its best attribute could be its cozy and shady setting, just north of the downtown area. Most of the area is fenced in, which makes it easier to keep an eye on your children and is a ton of fun. Old School Park has a lot of seating space, which encompasses the play equipment including swings, a digger, a huge play structure and more. For your convenience, it also includes an outdoor grill, in case you were thinking about roasting up some hamburgers and hotdogs. On the north side of the park is a new berm containing some appealing plant life.


Rotary Park - East First Street


-Rotary Park has gone through a lot of changes recently, but it sure is starting to shape up. After the old tennis and basketball court were removed a few years ago, new soil was laid out and we have since put up 5 new pieces of playground equipment and a gazebo. There are also some swings, a slide and a shaded bench in the back of the park to enjoy. We can assure you that even more development is on the way at this park.


Veteran's Park - Between Cheney & Titus Streets


-Our sunny Veterans Park is located in the center of a strong residential area and although it is probably one of our most secluded parks, it is one of our favorites. Its highlight is a mulched walking path that winds around the perimeter of the rectangular-shaped space, lined with youthful pine trees and a few park benches to sit and soak up the sun. It features a small parking area, grill, slide, log playhouse and other toys. This park is one of the best spots in Imlay City to enjoy some peace, quiet and especially a cross-country jog.

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